With time, dedication and passion, the mulberry leaves become a stunning silk gown” —

Chinese proverb

Silk has been a material of sophistication since the medieval ages. Kings and queens have adorned themselves with the garb considering it as one of their finest possession along with shimmering gold and luxurious stones.

Being mentioned in so many poems, being the muse of the romantics, silk has a reputation to live up to. Everything, from the culturing to the fineness of the finished fabric, has an interesting story to tell.

It’s interesting to see the significance of silk has also been borrowed into many metaphors. ‘Smooth as silk’, ‘Hair like silk’ – a testament to the cloth’s fineness.

Bangladesh is a land of Silk and most of it comes from the beautiful city of Rajshahi. There are mainly three varieties of silks –

  • Mulberry,
  • Endi and
  • Tassar.

Mulberry silk is the most finest and therefore more expensive. Sarees, dresses and scarves are widely made out of this delicate cloth.

To me, silk is always the material of sophistication. Wear our designer scarves adorned with Nakshi Kantha stitches and embroidery and make your very own statement to the world!

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