Ethnique Vale is a lifestyle brand which aims to showcase and promote the rich heritage of Bangladesh through our unique creations that are curated from jute and fabrics which are handmade with love.

Through our creations, we try to showcase our diverse cultural heritage and celebrate the talents and skills of our local artisans by holding their hands to excel in their workmanship.

Ethnique Vale is a brand that inspire women and men who love to mix tradition with style and make their own statements. We offer a range of fashionable and trendy Scarves and Stoles which are made from local heritage fabrics such as silk, jamdani, monipuri, and cotton. Our female artisans take pride in transferring their delicate skills in nakshi katha stitching into the scarves for you. Every purchase you make help these women from rural and remote areas in Bangladesh to sustain their livelihood. Our Eco-friendly home décor line, meticulously handcrafted from our country’s pride, the golden fibre – Jute. Decorate your home from our alluring collection of handcrafted jute pieces that gives your modern home an ambience of both traditional and eco-friendly touch.

2020 was the year that changed everything with the global pandemic situation. Taking a leap of faith into the unknown, we continued our incredible journey with our artisans. Supporting the preservation of the country’s fine hand-crafting heritage, we do our bit to contribute towards the economic well being of these skilled Bangladeshi artisans. At Ethnique Vale, we promise you a tailored and independent experience that is personal. We want to evolve and grow into a brand that is the heart of infusion style.

Please enjoy our website, if you need assistance at any point, please do not hesitate in contacting us via email, Instagram or Facebook. We look forward to building our brand with you. 

Nasreen Sultana

When you buy ‘handmade’, you are supporting a dream!

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